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Have you a design specification? Do you know what’s needed to create and maintain a good web presence? What are your goals, are you tracking them?

Participants will learn what’s involved in designing for the web and the importance of creating a good specification that suits your needs. Consistent branding and how to promote and market your business online is an essential component that is often left or overlooked. We will look at the fundamentals of good design, online promotion, website planning and content development.

Learn the vital decisions involved with developing a website. Do you know who your target market is? Do you know what type of website will suit and the costs, what type of platform to use?

This course is designed to bring participants who need a website or have one up to speed in all the major aspects of website design and promotion from registering domain names and getting hosting, organising navigation, layout and script, designing for technology and future proofing your site. Featuring a combination of lecture, discussion and group work, this course provides an overview of what a web site specification should consist of and how to start with design and implementation.

Venue: The Mill, Castletownroche

Date: Wednesday 15th February 2017



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