They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so perhaps a video is worth a million. Test that theory with this creative video-making workshop which aims to help you find your audio-visual voice and tell a compelling story.

Course details: 
This hands-on half-day workshop will set the stage for your storytelling skills, providing you with a new way to express ideas, run campaigns and generate support for your cause.
Skills and topics you’ll be exploring include:
  • Basic photo and video editing skills
  • Guide to essential software and tools
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Live editing demonstration
  • Visualising data and infographics
  • Compelling video case studies.

Learning Outcomes

Whether you’re a novice or more advanced, you can look forward to leaving this workshop with new ideas, perspectives and inspiration on storytelling techniques, technology tips and audio-visual examples that will inspire you towards your own masterpiece.


Date / time: 30 May 2017 – 2:00pm5:30pm
Venue: Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork
Price details: Member Price: 60 Euro / Non-Member Price: 95 Euro