What is the Upcycle Challenge 2016?

It’s simple really. We’re challenging you to unearth the creativity within and create something new out of something old…to breathe new life into an item or material that you source – bonus points if you find it on FreeTrade Ireland!!!

So if you can find something and renovate it or turn it into something completely different but usable then we want to see it!

There are cash prizes at stake and the competition will run until October.

New poster July 2016

How to Enter

  1. Source something old or unwanted 
  2. Take a ‘Before’ photo
  3. Turn it into something new (whether that’s cleaning it up and repainting it or repurposing it for a different use, that’s up to you)
  4. Take an ‘After’ photo
  5. Fill in the entry form
  6. Send to info@freetradeireland.ie

It’s that simple!

And now….get upcycling!!!