At Ulster Bank we want to help build better communities for everyone. To achieve that aim, we’re seeking projects that will enable people in disadvantaged communities develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to build their financial capability skills or to start or develop a new business now or in the future.

Ulster Bank will consider any application as long as your project helps people in disadvantaged communities to learn new skills that will enable them to become self-employed, set up their own business, grow their business or become financially capable.
It will also consider the regional priorities of each area. The priorities for the Republic of Ireland are as follows:
  • Applications for smaller grants (€1,000 up to €10,000) to support smaller-scale projects.
  • Pprojects that support financial capability and education, or financial inclusion among disadvantaged groups.
  • Projects that encourage people to start their own business, as well as projects that promote inclusive economic growth and improve social mobility.
  • Initiatives that provide an opportunity for Ulster Bank staff to be involved through volunteering and sharing their varied skills.