Who should attend
This UCC level 7, part-time Diploma is suitable for team leaders, supervisors and managers who need to get a hands-on, relevant-to-production management education.  A third level qualification is not necessary for entry to the Diploma.

Diploma Summary
The Programme course features ten two-day residential workshops and is designed to maximise the educational, networking and support of students. The workshops are as follows:

  1. Team Building and Personal Development

  2. Communications and Presentation Skills

  3. Business Planning

  4. Sales and Marketing

  5. Finance

  6. Operations Management and study tour

  7. Supply Chain Management and study tour
  8. Organisation Development

  9. Regulatory and Compliance Management

  10. Personal and Business Development

Benefits of doing this Diploma
The reasons why this programme should be considered are as follows:

  • The Programme provides a relevant accredited management education to participants from food and beverage manufacturing and support departments.
  • This unique Programme has a successful track record of developing participant management capability, interpersonal skills and confidence, benefitting both individuals and their companies.
  • The Programme presenters are experts in their fields with a proven ability to transfer understanding to enable participants to apply their learning. Each attendee is given ongoing mentoring to maximise their learning and benefits arising.
  • The Programme design facilitates individuals who wish to study on a part-time basis and integrate their studies with their careers, as well as incorporate their working experience into an accredited stimulating learning process. 

For further information contact:

Joe O’Callaghan
Programme Director, Diploma in Food Manufacturing Management
Food Industry Training Unit
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science
University College Cork
Email: joeocallaghan@eircom.net
Phone: 086-330-7533