Thermal Processing Training Course
University College Cork
25 & 26 April 2017

Who should attend / will benefit?
R&D, NPD, Operations, Technical, QA, QC personnel involved in formulating, developing, commercialising, manufacturing and troubleshooting any thermally-processed nutritional dairy-based beverages, such as UHT milk, ESL milk, clinical or sports nutrition products, infant formula, enriched milks, flavoured milks, cream liqueurs and elderly nutrition products.
Benefits of attendance / what will you learn?
•    Update on the underpinning science for heat treatment of milk
•    Enhanced understanding of the chemistry, microbiology, enzymology and physical processes taking place when dairy-based products are heated and stored
•    Applied theoretical learning in a laboratory and pilot plant environment
•    Exposure to latest developments in nutritional product formulation science & technology  
•    Assistance in obtaining more consistent quality and more reliable long term storage
•    Perspectives from UK and global UHT operations
•    Knowledge-exchange with a leading academic and industry consultant
•    Awareness of state of the art in accelerated physical stability testing approaches

Programme outline
1. Raw Milk Quality and Fitness for Heat Treatment
2. Thermal Processes Overview
3. UHT Processing Technologies
4. UHT Plant Engineering & Process Conditions
5. UHT Product Stability
6. Changes in UHT Products during Storage
7. Alternative / Non-Thermal Unit Processing Operations
8. Nutrient Stability during Thermal Processing
9. Pilot Plant and Laboratory Practical Sessions
Speaker Biographies
Dr Mike Lewis has over 38 years of experience as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the University of Reading in the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy, having graduated from Birmingham University with BSc, MSc (Biol. Sci.) and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering. During this time, Mike taught on various topics including physical properties of foods, food processing operations, milk and milk processing, heat treatment, evaporation, drying and membranes. Mike’s research activities have covered a wide range of topics but have recently focused on minerals in milk and their interactions with proteins. Stability aspects that have been studied include ethanol stability, heat coagulation, involving heat coagulation times, stability to in-container sterilization, UHT sterilization, involving fouling of heat exchangers and deposit formation and fouling of UF membranes. Mike is a regular referee for several journals: Food Chemistry, International Dairy Journal, Journal of Dairy Science, Journal of Dairy Research, Journal of Food Engineering, the International Journal of Dairy Technology and Dairy Science and Technology. Mike has an excellent publication record with over 80 refereed papers and over 20 book chapters.
Dr Seamus O’Mahony is a Lecturer in Food Science at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland since 2010. He previously worked in a number of industrial research and development positions with Wyeth and Pfizer Nutrition (now Nestle) specialising in the development of infant nutritional products for 5 years. He currently has a large research group at UCC working in the area of food ingredients, structure and functionality, with a focus on dairy applications and is the leader of Pillar 2 (Next Generation Dairy Processing Science and Technology) in the recently-established Dairy Processing Technology Centre. Dr O’Mahony contributes strongly to development and delivery of technical training courses for the Irish and international dairy, ingredients and nutrition sectors.

Professor Alan Kelly is a Professor in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork, Ireland.  His research concerns the chemistry and processing of milk and dairy products and he has published over 200 research papers, review articles and book chapters.  He has been an Editor of the International Dairy Journal since 2005 and in July 2009 received the Danisco International Dairy Science award from the American Dairy Science Association for his contributions to research in dairy science and technology.
David Waldron is a Senior Technician in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, UCC with responsibility for the practical education of students in dairy science and technology since 1998. He is also involved in postgraduate and industry-focused research. Over the past number of years, David has developed and delivered industry training courses and workshops for Irish and international industry.
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Contact information:
Mary McCarthy-Buckley

Training Manager
Food Industry Training Unit
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science
University College Cork