The Staying Fit for the Future with Better Balance Better Bones programme is a physical activity programme that will improve strength and balance as well as your general aerobic fitness. Delivered in a community setting this programme includes:

  • An aerobic warm up including endurance exercises, walking and range of movement stretches
  • Series of exercises to challange and improve balance, joint and muscle flexibility and bone and muscle power
  • Series of exercises to practice at home
Who is the programme aimed at:

This programme is suitable for adults who walk unaided and want to stay strong on their feet and falls free for life. It is not suitable for people who have fallen in the past 12 months or who use a walking stick or frame.

If you find yourself a good bit more wobbly than you expected, this programme is for you! Programmes are delivered by exercise professionals who have been trained by HSE Physiotherapists in the Staying Fit For the Future, Better Balance Better Bones Programme. 

The programme returns to Fermoy this Thursday 18th January in the Fermoy Youth Centre, Ashe Quay from 11am – 12noon