Rural Transport Programme

The Rural Transport Programme was launched by the Department of Transport in 2002. There are 36 companies delivering the Rural Transport Programme throughout the country. The transport services are public transport services for everyone. There is a particular emphasis on providing transport for people who are isolated because transport is not available, accessible or affordable to them locally. The Rural Transport Programme is a community based response to provide local solutions to transport difficulties in rural Ireland. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership delivers three types of rural transport services.
  • Services operated by our own vehicle.
  • Services that are sub-contracted to local transport operators.
  • Services that use the spare capacity of vehicles owned by other organisations
Avondhu Blackwater Partnership currently co-ordinates 37 scheduled services where isolated people are collected at their door and connected to local services usually in their local town. This is known as a Collect & Connect model. Other Key Points
  • Free Travel Pass holders travel FREE, 18-65 years 5 Return, 5-17 years 3 Return, 0-4 years FREE
  • Fares on some evening/ night-time services are slightly higher.
  • 75% of our services are wheelchair accessible.
  • The services are completely open to public use and used by people of all ages.
  • Seven of the 37 scheduled services operate in the evening/ night-time enabling people to attend local events, access local services and visit family and friends.
If you wish to find out more about this programme contact Damien Tobin at 025 33411 or by email at