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Pet Advice from the ISPCA

In these uncertain times, the ISPCA’s work doesn’t stop. There are hundreds of animals in our centres and we are continuing to provide a high level of care by our dedicated staff during COVID-19.

As essential frontline workers, ISPCA Inspectors are responding to emergency calls made to our

National Animal Cruelty Helpline (1890 515 515) and we’re doing everything we can to continue rescuing and caring for Ireland’s most cruelly treated neglected and abused animals. Many more vulnerable animals will need to be rescued and cared for at our centres, and for a longer period of time, before they can be lovingly rehomed.

The ISPCA would like to reassure pet owners that there is no evidence that pets such as dogs or cats can catch or spread the coronavirus. This is also the position of the HSE, OIE and WSAVA. Human-to- human transmission is the main route of transmission for COVID-19, and the ISPCA’s advice is that it is important to interact with your pets as normal, practice physical distancing and to wash your hands regularly after contact with any animal. It is also practical to make plans just in case you are ill, so that if needed, there is someone such as a family member or a friend who can help care for your pets short or long term.

The ISPCA’s Home Forever programme has never been more important to ensure we’re there if the worst were to happen. If pet owners become incapacitated and move into residential care or worse, sadly pass away, the ISPCA will be there to look after their pets. Home Forever offers peace of mind that there can still be a bright future ahead for so many beloved pets. For more information on how to become a member, visit

The ISPCA also highlights the importance of having sufficient pet food, prescribed medication and supplies to provide adequate care for your pet in the event that you are self-isolating, keeping trips to the pet shop to a minimum. If your pet becomes ill during this time, please phone your vet for advice.

ISPCA Tips and Advice during COVID-19

  • When out walking your dog, you should ensure that they are kept on a short lead and under control at all times.

  • Restrict contact with other people and animals and adhere to personal distancing guidelines.

  • Continue to exercise and play with your pets to alleviate stress in the confines of your garden.

  • There is also plenty of ways to keep your pets entertained such as putting their favourite

    treats in a Kong pet toy or by using food puzzle toys or by play fetch or tug-of-war with their

    favourite toy.

  • This is a good time to teach your pets some new tricks. We would love to see your cute

animal photos or videos on our social media pages.

  • Avoid sharing your food or being kissed or licked by your pet and always wash your hands.

  • It’s important to you have sufficient pet food, prescribed medication or other essentials such

    as cat litter during self-isolation.

  • Plan ahead in the event you need help caring for your pets short or long term.

As a charity we rely on the generosity of kind supporters to enable us to continue our vital work and we need your continued support more than ever. For more information and to support our work, please visit

Contact Details:
Lo call 1890515515 – concerns about the welfare of any animal
For all other enquiries call us on 043 33 25035 or email info@ISPCA.i