National Spring Clean is Ireland’s most popular, well recognised and successful anti-litter initiative. Now in its 17th year, the campaign encourages every sector of society to actively participate and take responsibility for litter, by actually conducting clean-ups in their own local environment. National Spring Clean traditionally takes place throughout the month of April.
Last year (2014), an estimated 550 tonnes of litter was collected of which 35% was recycled. In the current era of climate change the more we recycle, the more we reduce our carbon emissions, so by taking part in National Spring Clean we are making a difference!
The objectives of the National Spring Clean are to:
  • Encourage clean-ups throughout the whole month of April
  • Galvanise the practices of recycling and re-use where possible
  • Increase the number of Events and Participants
  • Promote personal responsibility for litter
  • Heighten awareness of litter and waste issues
TO register for National Spring Clean click here or please contact us on 01 4002219 with any National Spring Clean related queries. an_taisce_-_national_spring_clean_-_irelandc3afc2bfc2bds_largest_anti-litter_campaign