The HSE has been allocated National Lottery Funding for distribution to community based groups and voluntary organisations under the Respite Care Grant Scheme and the National Lottery Grant Scheme. Groups and organisations involved in the provision of Health and Personal Social Services can apply for once off funding for suitable projects. Completed Application Forms must be returned to the local Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO)   Find the location of your local CHO office here Closing Date for Applications  – Friday May 27th 2016 Lottery Application Form 2016.doc (size 84.5 KB) Lottery Application Form 2016.pdf (size 72.8 KB) Please note the following will apply in the case of all applications received:
  • Applications will be accepted from organisations both within the Community Healthcare (CHO) Area and those who geographically lie outside of CHO but provide services to clients residing in CHO.
  • Applications that have major on-going revenue implications which includes the employment of staff, capital funding  and running will not be considered
  • Applications must be for once off projects that can be completed within the year of application (excluding respite)
  • Applications for projects which are already covered by HSE Funding through and SLA/Grant Aid Agreement or otherwise will not be considered
  • There will be an upper limit (to be decided based on number of valid applications received) of funding awarded to an individual organisation.   Where multiple applications are received by an individual organisation that same upper limit will apply.  Therefore it is recommended that an organisation intending to submit multiple applications should consider this upper limit and prioritise on that basis.
  • It is envisaged that generally individual grant allocations will be in the range of €500.00 – €10,000.00 approximately.
  • An upper limit of €10,000 for applications relating to Transport Initiatives will apply
  • Enquiries regarding Lottery Applications for organisation working in area of Child and Family Services or were Lottery Application were previously funded should be directed to TUSLA –
For more information, contact, Ms Ronnie Dorney, Tel: 021 4928370 Email: