Munster Vales Community Engagement Pilot Programme

Munster Vales first began as a community project, the vibrant communities across the region have been welcoming visitors for decades. We have learnt from feedback and surveys that visitors particularly like to meet and get to know the local people when they visit off the beaten locations, it offers an authentic, memorable experience that often leads to return visits and positive reviews and word of mouth. Munster Vales has an abundance of brilliant places to visit and we would like to work together with you the local community to prepare to welcome visitors in 2021.

Munster Vales will be running a Community Engagement Pilot Programme beginning in January 2021 and you are welcome to participate in you live within the Munster Vales region, please find more info here

The programme will be delivered online in a series of interactive community engagement workshops using Zoom. The workshops will run from January to November and will be facilitated by Cillian Murphy Consulting.

If this programme does not relate to you or your business please feel free to share the information with groups/individuals in your community.

The workshops are designed to:

  • raise awareness of tourism, both in general and within the Munster Vales regions,
  • identify the vision for each community as to what tourism should deliver for them,
  • identifying and discussing the suitability of potential local assets to support the delivery of that vision,
  • to identify opportunities to either create tourism businesses themselves or to invite appropriate external partnerships to maximise the community benefit of those assets
  • to guide the tourism industry locally as to what developments are considered to be appropriate and will have the support of the wider community

The outcomes for this work should include:

  • engaging with wider non tourism communities in each region of the Munster Vales (MV) tourism destination,
  • building relationships,
  • opening clear communication channels,
  • building trust,
  • identifying potential opportunities, and risks, for both the tourism and non tourism communities,
  • raising awareness of the potential of tourism,
  • empowering community groups/clusters and creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and confident in discussing how tourism can be best used to create a sustainable future for where they live

In short, this process will deliver a clear sense of local ownership with regards to tourism for the communities involved and a toolbox that will equip Munster Vales, and the industry, to make more community focussed decisions for the future. (We will offer tutorials and send you videos on how to use Zoom in advance so nobody will miss out on the opportunity to take part.)

Please register your interest with me via email or phone 087-1189206 for more information.