Website Planning & Design Seminar

Participants will learn what’s involved in designing for the web and the importance of creating a consistent brand image as well as learning how to promote and market their business online. We wll look at the fundamentals of good design, website promotion, webstie planning and content development.

Learn the vital decisions involved with developing a website. Do you know who your target market is, do you know what type of website will suit and the costs? This course is designed to bring participants who need a website or have one up to speed in all major aspects of website design from registering domain names and getting hosting, organising navigation, layout and script, designing for technology and future proofing your website. The trainer will look at all participants current set up before the course and analyse their web presence. The group will use participant’s sites and web presence as examples when discussing the course topics. This will allow for the seminar to become more personal and relevant and allows everyone network with ease as peoples business’s will be discussed and promoted. Programme goals:
        • Develop the participants knowledge of the internet and web design and demonstate the importance of design, layouts, navigation and using the right software for the build.
        • Use the knowledge for increased efficiency and the effectiveness within their business.
        • Leave participants with a direction on their website development and how to achieve maximum impact for their business.
        • Learn how analysing your server logs will help you make decisions on what content should be on your site and what people are comig in to view it.
Venue: Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd, Castletownroche
Date: 09/03/2016
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm
This one day seminar will teach you a step by step approach to planning an effective website. Book online here.