The Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund, which has operated since 1997, promotes sustainable development by assisting small-scale environmental projects at local level. These projects involve partnership arrangements between local authorities and various local groups including community groups, schools and environmental NGOs. The Fund encourages involvement of local communities in local action and decision-making and assists them in working towards the goal of sustainable development. The value of the scheme is enhanced by the voluntary effort that it facilitates. Eligible projects are those that will support and complement, at a local level, national environmental policies such as those on Waste, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Air, Water and Sustainable Development.  A wide variety of projects and schemes have been supported under the Fund in previous years including, community gardens, allotments and compost schemes, rainwater harvesting schemes, educational initiatives and environmental exhibitions. The Fund promotes sustainable development by assisting small-scale, non-profit environmental projects at local level.  Funding provided by the Department is matched by local authorities, and projects also leverage funding from other sources.  Groups seeking funding for eligible projects are invited to make an application to their local authority. Completed application forms should be returned to the relevant local authority at the latest by 5pm, 28 August 2015.  Application forms, local authority contacts, and further information on the LA21 Environmental Partnership Fund can be obtained from the Department’s website:, and are also available from local authorities. The 2015 Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund is now accepting applications. Applications must be made to your local authority by 5pm 28 August 2015.

How to Apply

The application form for the 2015 Scheme is available here: LA21 Application Form Further information is available from the Environment Awareness/Education Officer of your local authority: Finbar O’Keeffe 0214532758