Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd. in conjunction with Stop Food Waste is looking to deliver training in Food Waste Prevention and Composting for representatives of Tidy Towns groups and other interested community groups. The training should be of interest to Tidy Towns groups or those  interested in promoting sustainable resource management in their communities, as well as to other community groups interested in the environment, gardening, and home economics. Participants in the training will learn how to measure and manage waste of food in the kitchen (one third of all food bought in Ireland is thrown out) and also how simple steps can be passed onto others in their communities to help prevent food waste. This can bring enormous financial savings as well as huge environmental benefits. The training will also focus on proper composting of food and garden waste, and management of green areas within communities. There will be practical training involving the building of a composting demonstration site featuring several different composting systems. This will teach participants to devise suitable composting facilities for their own community needs. If your community group is interested in participating in the training, contact Dave Foley for more information on 022 46580/ by email dave@avondhublackwater.com or for further information see www.avondhublackwater.com Stop Food Waste is a national waste prevention programme funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information visit www.stopfoodwaste.ie [embeddoc url=”http://www.avondhublackwater.com/wpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Stop-Food-Waste-Flyer-2013-1.pdf”]