ermoy Friendship week returns again for an action packed week – This is now the third year of Friendship Week and the organising committee are delighted to announce a number of interesting and sometimes amusing events in the locality over the space of the week. The overall aim is to promote all things that promote Friendship in the community – One of the central events will be the participation of all Fermoy based schools in the Random Acts of Kindness Project. The week itself kicks off on Monday 23rd March with a talk on infant mental health and will be provided by members of a local learning network that has been meeting in Fermoy since 2010 on learning about infant mental health. The key message is that mental health is something that starts from a young age and there are simple ways that we can encourage and help promote positive infant mental health.
The following evening will have a talk in the Youth centre at 7PM on ADHD and this will be pro- vided by Joe Jeffers who is the co-ordinator of a support group for parents based in the city. Light entertainment follows on Wednesday and Thursday with a social afternoon in the Youth centre hosted by the Mens’ Club on the Wednesday and on the Thursday by groups located at the community resource centre. The final day a training session will be provided on Traveller culture and this will be delivered by members of the Traveller Cultural Awareness team in Cork. Places will be limited for this event. Fermoy-poster