Strand 1:  European RemembranceThis strand concerns defining moments and reference points in recent European history. Projects should encourage tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation.  Projects will be implemented across a number of EU member states, or have a very clear European dimension. They should involve different types of:
  • Organisations (local authorities, NGOs, research orgs)
  • Activities (research, exhibitions, public debates, non-formal edu.)
  • Citizens, from different target groups
Call for Proposals is now OPEN! Read more 
Strand 2: Civil Society Projects These projects are funded under the Democratic Engagement and Civic ParticipationStrand of Europe for Citizens. This strand supports:
  • Activities covering civic participation, focusing in particular on EU policies
  • Initiatives developing opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning, solidarity, societal engagement and volunteering at EU level.
Call for Proposals is now OPEN!Read more
Strand 2: Town Twinning and Networks of Towns These projects are also funded under the Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation Strand of Europe for Citizens.This strand supports:
Town Twinning – projects bringing together citizens from twinned towns. Citizens can debate concrete issues from the European political agenda, promoting civic participation in the EU policy making process. Town twinning projects develop opportunities for societal engagement and volunteering at EU level. Networks of Towns – municipalities/local authorities and associations work together on a common theme for a longer period of time. Larger than Town Twinning, these projects develop a networks of European towns where learning is shared and sustainability achieved. Call for Proposals is now OPEN!Read more
Remember: The Deadline for this year is 1st March 2016. The deadline for applications is rolling annually until 2020, so if you’re not ready this year, you can apply at a later date. Read the work programme.
Background The aim of the Europe for Citizens Programme is to:
  • Contribute to citizens’ understanding of the EU, its history and diversity.
  • Foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level.
The programme includes funding opportunities to which all are invited to apply. Full details available on the website.