Community Food Initiative


Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG is one of 13 companies in Ireland to receive funding from safefood for the Community Food Initiative (CFI) 2016-2018. The CFI programme is designed to positively influence the eating habits of families in low income communities by making food skills more mainstream and healthy food more accessible. Each year, support will be provided to a specific target group as follows:

Year 1: Low income families with pre-school children

Year 2: Low income families with older children

Year 3: Youth

The main aim of the CFI is to positively influence the eating habits of low income families and to identify and promote best practice under the following CFI themes:

  1. Supporting an increased awareness/knowledge around healthy eating
  2. Healthy shopping 

  3. Budgeting and food/meal planning skills 

  4. Cooking skills 

  5. Improving the availability and access to safe and healthy food in the community and complementing existing structures that offer healthy options, e.g. community café’s, events etc. 

  6. Preventing food wastage, food safety and hygiene. 

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is supported by the safefood Community Food Initiative