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Circle of Security Parenting Programme

What is it?
The Circle of Security parenting programme is based on 50 years of attachment theory and research about how parent/child relationships can be supported and strengthened; Is a reflective therapeutic parenting programme.

Who is it suitable for?
The course is suitable for any parent and child relationship; the material is aimed at parenting younger children(0- 5 years old) but the underlying principles apply to all parent-child relationships.

How the course is run?
The course is run over 6 sessions of approximately 2 hours each (using DVD, discussion and handouts). It is facilitated by two therapists.

The topics covered are:
Week 1    Introducing the concept of the Circle
Week 2    Exploring our children’s needs all the way around the Circle
Week 3   “Being with” on the Circle. Helping our children to manage their emotions.
Week 4   “Being with” infants on the Circle
Week 5   The path to security
Week 6    Exploring our struggles
Week 7    Rupture and repair
Week 8    Summary

When, where?
Next course starting: Monday 14th of May. 10-12pm

Location: Fermoy Resource Centre, 42 McCurtain Street.

For Further information and registration please contact:

Maria Sloane 087-3239775