SHEP is an Irish, not-for-profit, community-based training and development organisation offering a Certificate in Personal Development. 

Here, you can grow in awareness on a journey of self-discovery and learn about how you relate to yourself, and to others. It’s a place to explore your life, your choices, your responsibilities, a place where you can learn to accept yourself and others more, and increase your self-confidence and well-being.

The approach is

  • personal …

Learning to listen better to ourselves and each other, feeling, relating, building self-confidence, managing stress… all of these topics are explored in a personal way, so that people can become more aware of how they are living, of how they are with their feelings, including the feelings which individual people may find difficult to identify or accept, whether sadness, anger, gratitude, shame or love.

  • non-academic …

The course involves an approach quite unlike the kind of teaching and learning experienced in school.  Most of it is run in small groups of about 17 people, and each group has two group leaders or facilitators.  Participants are recognised as adults who have a lot of life experience, and are helped to learn from their own experience and from each other.  Skills are taught in an interactive, enjoyable way.

  • supportive …

The facilitators have extensive training and experience in creating a supportive atmosphere and in helping personal learning.

Time Commitment

One evening a week (7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) from October to May and seven Saturdays or Sundays at the Mercy Centre, Mallow


Course fee: €790. Limited Reduced fee: €490.

To Apply:

To apply for the course please contact Cork SHEP office on 021-4666180