Ballyduff Walks

This secluded and wooded walk affords you magnificent views of Mocollop Castle and the Blackwater river valley. Much of the route follows country roads, so all due caution is advised.
Ballyduff, The Mocollop Loop
The Mocollop Loop could arguably be called a heritage trail, taking you past Mocollop Castle (which likely dates to the 15th century, or earlier) and Mocollop Church and Graveyard (with graves dated 1603 and a number of crypts).
Ballyduff, Mocollop to the Piers Loop
This walk will bring you to ‘The Piers’, overlooking the Clounagad River in a beautiful valley that runs through the hills between Ballyduff and Araglin. The walk follows forestry and country roads. Take all due caution on main roads.
Ballyduff, The Piers Loop
This trail will bring you from the village of Ballyduff to Araglin.