Recently Avondhu Blackwater Partnership were delighted to receive an invitation from the Mayor of Selwen Ontario, Ms. Mary Smith, to attend and launch the inaugural Peter Robinson Festival which was held in Peterborough Ontario at the end of July 2015. The festival represents the coming together of the Robinsons diaspora in Canada, who in partnership with Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, aims to strengthen the links between the descendants of those who emigrated to Canada between 1823 and 1825 and their old homesteads here in the Blackwater Valley area. Fermoy historian, Mr. Christy Roche travelled to Peterborough to launch the festival on behalf of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership.  Christy spoke about the cultural similarities between the two areas and the history of the Blackwater region. In 1822, the British Parliament had approved an experimental emigration plan to transport poor Irish Catholic families to Upper Canada. This emigration, one of the largest assisted emigrations of its time consisted of the relocation of 2000 Irish, mainly from the Blackwater region of North Cork, to what would become Peterborough County, Ontario. Christy reiterated the importance of maintaining the links between Peterborough and its surrounding areas and the Blackwater Valley, which aims to provide an opportunity for the diaspora to return to the Blackwater Valley, with a potential outcome for a cohesive tourism project going forward. It is estimated that there is up to 1 million descendants of the Robinson settlers living today around Peterborough and throughout Canada and the United States. For further information on the Robinson Settlers contact Dave Foley at Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd on 022 46580 or