LEO South Cork "Attracting Visitors to your Town" Webinar

This webinar, held by Ruth Fuller of Fuller Marketing on behalf of the LEOs of Cork County Council, is a chatty, interactive, and dynamic way to get hints, ideas, and figures that you can use to encourage visitors to you town.

Cork has become a magnet for domestic tourism in the last few weeks, and we want that to continue!

Revitalising a town and attracting domestic tourism will be at the forefront of every community’s plan coming into the months ahead. Shops and business, and community groups and leaders, will benefit from this two hour webinar from Fuller Marketing

  • Attracting domestic tourism – money will be spent in local business
  • How can you make visitors and guests feel safe?
  • What are you offering when they get there? Are you catering to all their needs?
  • What makes your town special?
  • 2020 could be the year for lower profile towns to get on the tourist map, as people seek to avoid the crowds